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Digital Transformation

Innovative concepts and upcoming products for business innovation

At eValue8, we thrive on embracing trends and developments, transforming challenges into opportunities for innovative solutions. 

Creditable offering publishers an additional revenue stream by tackling paywall frustration  

Creditable revolutionizes the way we access online articles by tackling the frustration of paywalls. With our pay-per-article system, readers only pay for the articles they choose to read. This approach expands the reach of publishers, attracting not only casual readers, but also potential new subscribers. By offering a more flexible and accessible reading experience, Creditable ensures publishers connect with a larger target audience.

Delivery Locker last mile delivery solution

Deliverylocker addresses the inconvenience of missed parcel deliveries. Our solution consists of a digital lock that can be attached to a parcel locker. When the delivery person arrives, he or she can securely open the lock and place the package inside. This eliminates the need for recipients to stay home, as their packages are safely stored in their own personal locker. Delivery Locker provides convenience, peace of mind, and a seamless delivery experience.

Flowmanager optimizing visitor flows

Flowmanager helps manage visitor flows and maximises efficiency. This solution was created during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to a market need. Through this system, staff of large test- and vaccinating locations gain insight into the occupancy of rooms or spaces and can adequately redirect visitors or patients. It also optimises communication, saves time and allows flows to be organised even more efficiently after analysing statistics.